Social Media Marketing

Build your brand where your clients hang out.

Social Media Marketing puts your business in front of people who are interested in your products and services, or who have bought yours or similar products and services in the past.  Social Media Marketing is all about building your brand, and building trust inside a medium your customers are familiar with, and trust.   

Similar to TV advertising back before the internet and social media took over, social media marketing gently interrupts social and entertainment time to remind prospective clients of your products, services and specials you may be offering, so when they’re ready to buy, you’re top of mind.


Are you being liked on Facebook or Instagram?

If not, we can help!

It’s a process of consistency, relevance and timeliness to get your message in front of prospective buyers on Social Media.  Social Media is a long term strategy of brand and awareness building that takes time and commitment to the process to build a presence.

The right mixture of paid adverts, organic posts and gentle reminders to like and follow you will yield a large, engaged audience to market to over the long term.  We can help you with the strategy, timing and content creation to get your social media presence gaining momentum.

Our Experience, 10+ Years

Established in 2008, over a decade in business says it all.  

Fly by night operators come and go, our business has stood the test of time.

Our Process


We analyse your existing site and identify issues.



We make an action plan to resolve the issues identified.



We implement the agreed action plan.


You get more traffic to your site, and make more sales.

Already got Social Underway?

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